2011, May – Personal exhibition in Petrodvoretz library 

2011, Novermber - Personal exhibition in Petrodvoretz library


2012 – International Watercolour biennial, Petrozavodsk (Karelia)


2012 - "Colour of North " -  personal exhibition in Sortavala (Karelia) 


2013 - "Colour of North", personal exhibition: museum of local history in Apaptity, museum of local history in Revda,  Museum of Saami culture in Lovozero, Museum of geology named after Dav in Monchegorsk.


2013 г. - "Rock carvings of Fennoscandia ", personal exhibition in the museum ”Rock carvings of Kanoero” in Umba 


2013 – «GeoGrafika» - Personal exhibition in the museum of local  history in Archangelsk.


2014 г – Personal exhibition ”Northern Ladoga” in Sortavala library (Karelia)


2014  – personal exhibition  “The  call of Polar Star” in Petrozavodsk, museum of history of Karelia


2014  – personal exhibitions in Apatity and Olenegorsl (Mumansk region)
2014 - personal exhibition  “The  call of Polar Star” in Murmansk regional historical museum 


2014 - personal exhibition  “The  call of Polar Star”  in Severomorsk municipal art gallery


2015 - personal exhibition in Petrozavodsk gallery "Dom Kukly" (Dolls Home)


2015 - personal exhibition  "Legends of the North"  in Umba museum  "Rock carvings of Kanozero"


2015 - personal exhibitions in Kandalaksha, Kirovsk, Polyarnye Zori (Murmansk region)

2015 - personal exhibition "Spitsbergen", Saint-Petersburg, Geografics faculty of Pedagogical University